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How does EYECatalunya work?

Very simple: each month there will be a show to which we will invite 3 creators from different areas of the creation to share her story with the world. Each creator will have 18 minutes. 6 to explain his or her project in a conference format, 6 to talk to Patricia Caicedo who will perform an interview and other 6 to respond to people that are connected to the app from their mobile devices or computers.

This means that you will be able to participate and ask questions to the creators if you connect to us the day and time of the show.

Shows will be held in Barcelona in the Biblioteca de Catalunya. People previously registered on the web will be able to enter to the events. It means if you are in Barcelona the day of the show you can join us in person.

When? every  Third Tuesday of each month starting in February.

Where? Shows will take place in Barcelona at the Recinte Moderniste de Sant Pau.

At what time? at 20.30hs

I´m in Barcelona, could I go to the shows? Yes, if you live in Barcelona or are visiting the city you can come to the shows if you previously reserve your spot in here. http://www.eyecatalunya.com/es/eye-world/participate-in-barcelona

How can I watch the show online? Easy!

Upcoming E.Y.E. events

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