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EYECatalunya´s mission is to internationally promote the work of innovators and creators who live and create in Catalunya.

Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, which has penetrated all spheres of society, in the past 25 years we have seen a dramatic transformation in the ways we relate and interact with each other.

Initially perceived as a tool for facilitating communication and sharing information more efficiently and democratically, the Internet evolved into a space of exchange and interaction in real time, allowing, as never before, the sharing of ideas, emotions, information and resources of all kinds.

This paradigm shift further democratized access to content and information, opening up endless possibilities in the fields of education, artistic creation, and social development. Its influence inaugurated new forms of political participation and affected everyday behaviors like the ways of dressing, working, loving, etc.

Fully aware of the incredible opportunities offered by the Internet to bring together creative people from different parts of the globe and to promote their work as never before in history, we decided to create EYEcatalunya.

EYECatalunya´s goal is to internationally promote the work of innovators and creators of the first level, who live and create from Catalunya.

With this mission, we seek to contribute to the construction of an inclusive Catalan identity that integrates all the people who day-by-day build our country, regardless of their place of birth. EYECatalunya is an interdisciplinary space that embraces innovative creators from all areas of knowledge, not only in the arts but also in the sciences. We start from the basis that we live in a time when discourses are mixed, and the space of creation is an interdisciplinary one.

The common thread of EYECatalunya is excellence, creativity and innovation.

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