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Category: EYE Creators
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Insectotròpics is a company that was founded in 2011 through the union of artists with different trajectories in different disciplines and languages with a desire to experiment with the fusion and interaction of their different talents to create new, multidisciplinary performances.

Insectotròpics is formed by painters Xanu y Iex, musician Tullis Rennie and the video experimenters VVV, Laia Ribas y María Thorson.

They have participated in various festivals throughout the world, Switzerland, Korea, Denmark, Germany, as much in Spain ( Madrid, Burgos, Vitoria ) as in Cataluña ( Torellò, Terrassa ). They combine this work with lectures and workshops around the world.

The work of Insectotròpics is a long-term bet. It focuses on developing a new form of relation with the world of the arts and on investigating a unique and unexpected language.

Currently, they are preparing their new show, a modern-day version of Dante’s Divine Comedy, with the organization of three workshops (Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise) that are open to the public and with the collaboration and interaction between a great number of artists.

A new work format, a new experiment by Insectotròpic halfway between a work in progress, live cinema, and performance. 

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