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Christian Brander

One of the 50 Spanish scientists most cited in the world Christian leads the Group of cellular immunity and genetics of the host who focuses on the development of HIV vaccine candidates. His work focuses on the cellular immunity to viral infections in the immune compromised host. The main quest is the search for immune correlates of relative control of HIV and how to translate these findings into rational HIV vaccine design.

Christian graduated from the University of Bern in 1994 with a PhD in Immunology. He then spent 13 years at Harvard University focusing on cellular immunity to viral infections and the impact that host genetics have on this immune response. He joined ICREA in 2008 with an appointment at IrsiCaixa Research Institute to continue his work on host genetics and the cellular immunity to viral infections, including HIV, HCV and herpes viruses such as KSHV and EBV.


He also serves as a curator of the Los Alamos HIV Immunology database and as the scientific director of the HIVACAT program, the Catalan project for the development of effective preventive and therapeutic HIV vaccines, which unites 60 investigators at two HIV research centers in Barcelona, Irsicaixa and Hospital Clinic. He holds an Associate Professor positions at  the University of Vic and Central Catalonia.

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