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Cedric Boeckx

Cedric researches for new ways of advancing biolinguistics, a growing interdisciplinary enterprise seeking to uncover the biological foundations of the human language faculty. In his research he integrates disciplines such as linguistics, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and genetics. He is an ICREA researcher at the Department of General Linguistics at the Universitat de Barcelona http://biolinguistics-bcn.info

Before joining ICREA, he was Associate Professor of Linguistics at Harvard University. He is the author of numerous books, including Islands and Chains (2003), Linguistic Minimalism (2006), Bare Syntax (2008), Language in Cognition (2009), Syntactic Islands (2012), Elementary Syntactic Structures (2014), and the editor of numerous volumes. He is also the founding co-editor of the Open Access journal Biolinguistics, and the founding editor of the Oxford University Press monograph series 'Oxford Studies in Biolinguistics'.

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