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Creator´s Spotlight

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Arianna Russo

Arianna Russo is the creator of Blowawish, a workshop conceived as a space without boundaries for conducting conceptual research into the origin of form. Clay, the essence of the earth, is regarded as potential space.

Arianna is both an architect and a ceramist. She started out as an architect working at internationally renowned offices such as ECDM in Paris and Zaha Hadid Architects in London. The artist’s background partially explains her interest in spatial relationships, the concept of surface and the significance of location. These ideas have driven Arianna to strike up a dialogue between the theory and practice of contemporary sculptural architecture.


In 2005 she met the ceramist Emmanuelle Wittmann, an encounter that inspired her to settle on ceramic sculpture as her primary outlet for expression. Over the years, Arianna has continued to work as an architect while expanding her knowledge of ceramics, allowing her to perfect a signature technique and develop a highly personal language.

In 2010 she founded Blowawish in Barcelona, and she now dedicates all of her time to creating ceramic sculpture, producing unique creations, and participating in joint projects and exhibitions around the world. 

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